Slide “Our aim is to ensure that your customers can stay ahead of the growing threat of cyber risks and practice good online habits”

What we do

Digital Lifestyle Protection

At SafeTnet Digital, our focus is on combining consumer digital lifestyle protection services in a user-friendly accessible way.

This is delivered through our unique platform solution.

Consumer cyber safety can be typically a complex and fragmented area.

SafeTnet Digital provides simplicity and security, in one place.

Individual and Family Online Safety

Building a healthy and secure online environment

Interactive Services

User-Friendly services to help your customers navigate the risks that occur online

Education and Advice

Your customers can access up-to-date valuable information, research and advice

How we work

Distribution Partners

We work with Distribution Partners who are looking to add value to their core propositions and are looking to increase touchpoints with their customers

Customised Modules

We create customised and white-labelled modules to match your business requirements

New Distribution Opportunities

Providing new distribution opportunities

About Us

John English

John English

CEO and Founder

Stephen Morgan

Stephen Morgan

COO and Founder

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